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Trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh 12 Unit 8 (Có đáp án) Trắc nghiệm The world of work

Trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh 12 Unit 8: The world of work là tài liệu vô cùng hữu ích mà muốn giới thiệu đến bạn học sinh lớp 12 cùng tham khảo.

Bài tập trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh lớp 12 Unit 8 bao gồm các dạng câu hỏi trắc nghiệm khách quan về The world of work có đáp án kèm theo. Qua đó giúp các em học sinh lớp 12 có thêm nhiều tư liệu ôn tập, trau dồi kiến thức để đạt kết quả cao trong các bài kiểm tra, bài thi học kì 2 sắp tới. Vậy sau đây là nội dung chi tiết trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh 12 Unit 8 mời các bạn cùng theo dõi và tải tại đây.

Trắc nghiệm Anh 12 Unit 8: The world of work


Exercise 1. Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the word whose underlined part differs from the other three in pronunciation in each of the following questions.

1. A. advertisement B. applicant C. candidate D. management 2. A. relevant B. energetic C. enthusiastic D. engineer 3. A. organized B. prioritize C. important D. opportunity 4. A. competitive B. entrepreneur C. apprenticeship D. conscientious 5. A. challenging B. energetic C. management D. organized

Exercise 2. Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the word that differs from the other three in the position of the primary stress in each of the following questions.

6. A. experience B. apprenticeship C. administration D. prioritize 7. A. advertisement B. probation C. competitive D. relevant 8. A. organization B. enthusiastic C. compassionate D. qualification 9. A. encourage B. interview C. graduate D. organize 10. A. successful B. significant C. experienced D. challenging

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Exercise 3. Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

11. He has all the right____ for the job.

A. certificates

B. degrees

C. diplomas

D. qualifications

12. Before we apply for any jobs, we need to prepare a good CV and a____ very carefully.

A. resume

B. job interview

C. covering letter overing

D. reference

13. Employers always want job____ to be able to demonstrate their skills and qualities.

A. employees

B. workers

C. staff

D. applicants

14. There are usually a lot of job seekers applying for one position. Only a few of them are____ for an interview.

A. shortlisted

B. listed

C. screened

D. tested

15. My application was not successful; there were more than 4,000 applicants and only 20were selected. I realized that apprenticeship were very____.

A. demanding

B. crowding

C. competitive

D. difficult

16. When preparing a CV, university____ can consider attaching a separate report about official workexperience during the course.

A. graduates

B. leavers

C. candidates

D. applicants

17. An apprentice is required to do several years’____.

A. coaching

B. education

C. formation

D. training

18. According to everyone in the____, she’s a very good boss.

A. apartment

B. compartment

C. department

D. employment

19. She’s looking for a better position with another____.

A. association

B. firm

C. house

D. society

20. It’s wise to think about choosing a____ before leaving school.

A. business

B. career

C. living

D. profession

21. A doctor is a member of a respected ____.

A. occupation

B. profession

C. trade

D. work

22. If you want a job, you have to ____ for one.

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A. applicate

B. apply

C. ask

D. request

23. You’ll probably have to____ an application form.

A. fill down

B. fill in

C. fill on

D. fill through

24. And you’ll need to give the names of two or three ____.

A. hostages

B. judges

C. referees

D. umpires

25. All the members of our____ are expected to work hard.

A. personal

B. personnel

C. staff

D. gang

26. Some of my work is interesting, but a lot of it is just ____.

A. habit

B. practice

C. tradition

D. routine

27. If you are paid monthly, rather than weekly, you receive ____.

A. revenue

B. a reward

C. a salary

D. wages

28. The purpose of running a business is to make a ____.

A. service

B. profit

C. money

D. contribution

29. The____ were delivered to the warehouse by lorry.

A. data

B. goods

C. material

D. stuff

30. Many young people travel all over the world and do all kinds of jobs before they____.

A. lie down

B. settle down

C. touch down

D. put down

31. In Britain, people are usually unwilling to tell other people how much they ____.

A. earn

B. obtain

C. deserves

D. gain

32. If you’re a(n) ____ you have to do what your boss tells you.

A. director

B. employee

C. employer

D. manager

33. You can earn more money by working ____.

A. extraordinary hours

B. overhours

C. overtime

D. supplementary hours

34. It’s difficult these days for a young person to find a well-paid ____ job.

A. eternal

B. reliable

C. permanent

D. stable

35. She was ____ after three years with the company.

A. advanced

B. raised

C. elevated

D. promoted

Exercise 4. Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.

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36. My work is challenging , of course, because it involves both a sales function and a technique function.

A. fascinating

B. rewarding

C. stimulating

D. demanding

37. She’s doing well so she was promoted last year. Now she’s in charge of a small team of four people.

A. controls

B. supervises

C. takes over

D. rules

38. Somebody looks at the detailed specification for the installation and then another colleague researches the cost of the labor and materials.

A. co-worker

B. employee

C. staff

D. supervisor

39. I’ve been working here for over ten years now and I’m on first-name terms with everyone, even the CEO.

A. getting on

B. happy

C. having an informal/friendly relationship

D. satisfied

40. Jane used to be very excellent as a child and now she’s the CEO of a big multi-national company. However, her brother is a blue-collar worker in a small local factory.

A. mental

B. low-paid

C. manual

D. regular

41. Employers usually look for candidates who have qualifications and relevant experience.

A. excellent

B. rich

C. appropriate

D. extensive

42. I registered with some online employment agencies, and they found a vacancy almost immediately.

A. work

B. an available job

C. career

D. place

43. Jacob was made redundant last month due to his company’s downsizing policy. He’s on a short-term contract with a medium-sized company at the moment.

A. permanent

B. temporary

C. part-time

D. full-time

44. When applying for a certain job, you’ll be at an advantage if you have hands-on experience.

A. relevant

B. prior

C. practical

D. considerable

45. When the factory closed, over a hundred people were made redundant .

A. fired

B. sacked

C. laid off

D. appointed


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