Chọn đáp án đúng (phần câu điều kiện nha mọi người ) 1.It seemed

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Chào mừng bạn đến với trong bài viết về It seemed as if he ___ of it before chúng tôi sẽ chia sẻ kinh nghiệm chuyên sâu của mình cung cấp kiến thức chuyên sâu dành cho bạn.

nếu bạn nào tốt bụng thì gạch chân dấu hiệu và viết tắt tên thì giúp mình với ạ ! Mình cảm ơn!

EX 1:

3. The secrtary ___ the report by 10:00 yesterday

a.hasn’t finished b.hadn’t finished c. didn’t finished d. would finish

4. Jane’s eyes are red. She __

a.cried b. has cried c. has been crying d. had cried

5. This room is dirty. Someone _____ in here

a. smoked b. has smoked c. had been smoking d. has been smoking

6. Arsenal _____ next Monday

a, wins b. will win c.would win d. is winning

7. It _____ rain tomorow

a. rains b. will rain c. is going to rain d. is raining

8. I’ll come and see you before I _____ for America

a. leave b. will leave c. have left d. shall leave

9. The little girl asked what ____ to her fiend.

a. has happened b.happend c. had happend d. would have been happend

10. John ____ a book when i saw him

a. is reading b. read c. was reading d. reading

11. He said he ___return

a. will b. would c. can d.would be

12. Jack _____ he door

a. has just opened b. open c. will have opened d.opening

13.I have been waiting for you ____


a. since early morning b. since 9a.m c.for two hours d.all the correct

14. My sister __ for you since yessterday

a. is looking b. was looking c. has been looking d. looked

15.Jack )____ the door.

a. has just painted b.paint c. will have paited d. painting

16. The train ____ half an hour ago

a. has been leaving b. left c. has left d. had left

17. we __ Doris since last Sunday

a. don’t see b. haven’t seen c. didn’t see d. hadn’t seen

18.when i last saw him, he ___ in London

a. has lived b. is living c. was living d. had been living

19. she is tired now. She ___ for a long time

a. has been learning b.has learned c. learns d.learned

20.they will have gone home before you _____ to meet them

a. came b. come c.will come d. are coming

EX 2:

1. hurry up or the train __ before you catch it

a. will leave b. leaves c. will have left d.has left

2. now my sister ____a bicycle of her own

a. is having b. are having c. has d. had

3.A football team ___ chieflyof 12 players

a. composed b. composes c.comprised d. comprises

4. This is the first time I ___ here

a. am b.have been c.was

5last week , my professor promised that he _____ today

a. would come b. will come c. comes d.coming

6. My girls friend arrived after I ____ for her about half an hour

a,was waiting b.had been waiting c.has been waiting d. have waited

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7.did she say the _____ him tomorrow ?

a.has visited b. will visit c. would visit d. iss

8. ________ to rain before you woke up this morning ?

a. did it begin b. has never begun c.had it begun d. would it begun daughter saw an elephent this morning but she _ one before

a. had never seen b. has never seen c.never seen d. never had seen

10. I ___ in Da Nang before i moved to dong nai

a. have been living b. have lived c. had lived d. had been living

11. there are many ways ____ to Rome

a. is leading b. are leading c. leading d.led

12.when we got home, dinner ____ so we had a drink first

a. was preparing b. was being prepard c. was prepared d. had been prepared

13. she was tired. she ___ for a long time

a. has been learning b. had been learning c. learned d. was learning

14. he __ in space for 10 days by tomorrow

a. will travel b. will be travelling c. is not visiting d. does not visit

15. he said he would visit me, but he ___ me yet

a. has not visited b. had not visited c. is not visiting d. does not visit

16. The weather ___ fine so far this week

a. is b. has been c. was d. had been

17 Before the prime Minister leaves New Your he ___ several talks

a. will have had b. would have c. will be having d. has

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18. we had just got out of car when it ___ to set fire

a. has begun b. had begun c. was beginning d. has

19.As soon as he __ a certificate in English, he will apply for a jop

a. would get c. gets d.will get

20.he was told that he _ knocked out in the first round

a. had been b.was c. has been d. was being