27 Cool Roblox Avatars [You Can Use Right Now]

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All of us like games. The characters, the costumes, the storyline, the background music, and the graphics make it an amazing experience for the player. But the best part about playing games has to be the avatars, especially the ones we can customize into cool characters!

Cool Roblox Avatars

If you are a Roblox player and are tired of the old boring avatars, stick around to find out cool avatars for Roblox for your next adventure. We will also explain to you how to create cool Roblox avatars!

Roblox Cool Avatars

Here is a list of cool Roblox avatars for you to explore for your next big game:

1. Jeff Plays Roblox

Cool Roblox Avatars - Jeff Plays

The Roblox avatars are an excellent way for the players to personalize and customize them into themselves.

For example, Jeff plays Roblox as a funny avatar with a paper hat, tie-dye sweatshirt, and khaki pants.

Avatar Requirements:

  • Paper Hat (30)
  • Beautiful Hair For Beautiful People (95)
  • Joyous Surprise (20)
  • Palace V2 Temperature (5)
  • Khaki Chinos White Mu Sneakers (5)

Total Cost: 155 Robux

2. Detective Roblox Avatar

Trigerist Boy Cool Roblox Avatars

Another cool Roblox avatar is the skeptical fellow called the Trigerist that wears nerd glasses, a trench coat, and a ranger hat.

He can be all yours in just 194 Robux.

Avatar Requirements:

  • Skeptic (27)
  • Beautiful Hair For Beautiful people (95)
  • Ranger Hat (32)
  • Nerd Glasses (30)
  • Tan Trench Coat (5)

Boy Cool Roblox Avatars - Rookie

Total Cost: 194 Robux

If you like old outfits, you need to check out this collection of classic Roblox avatars.

3. Rookie – Boy Cool Roblox Avatar

RayPork Cool Roblox Avatars

If you are looking for a quirky, soft grunge outfit for your avatar, Rookie might be the best option with platinum white hair, smart goggles, a black chic outfit, and a trusty sidekick.

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In only 465 Robux, you can build a cool Roblox avatar for your adventures.

Avatar Requirements:

  • Mad Scientist Hair (175)
  • Black Bear Mask Hoodie (5)
  • Black Jeans with White Shoes (Free)
  • Clout Goggles (100)
  • Duffel Bag (170)
  • Rain way (15)
  • Silly Fun (Free)

Total Cost: 465 Robux

4. Bad Boy

Fluurish Boy Cool Roblox Avatars

RayPork is one of those cool avatars for Roblox that you need in your collection.

It gives off a very dark feminine energy while also being suspicious with the eye patch, large horns, black samurai hoodie, and black summer hat.

If you like more the dark or goth-like style for your avatar, you can’t miss this list of Slender avatars and copy and paste

Avatar Requirements:

  • Large Crystallized Horns (100)
  • Primitive Black Samurai Hoodie (5)
  • Black Summer Hat (70)
  • Tired Face (150)
  • Young Yoshimi Hair (80)
  • Black Eyepatch (30)
  • Ornament Earrings (20)

Total Cost: 460 Robux

5. Halloween Avatar

Cool Roblox Avatars Boy - WarComando

In need of another cool Roblox avatar with a Halloween look?

This half-good, half-evil scarecrow is a perfect option in just 117 Robux.

Avatar Requirements:

  • Growlers (5)
  • Scarecrow (16)
  • Black N Ripped (5)
  • Evil Side (50)
  • Musketeer (41)

Total Cost: 117 Robux

6. War Commando

Roblox Cool Avatars - Blocky LNX

War commando has to be one of the coolest outfits for your Roblox avatar out there with the snazzy tracksuit, beautiful black hair, a mysterious eye patch, and a suspicious-looking cap.

In only 458 Robux, you can have an entire look and defeat your enemies in style.

Avatar Requirements:

  • Eyepatch (100)
  • Doodle Antlers (75)
  • Suspicious (150)
  • Black fur cap (28)
  • Adidas Tracksuit (5)
  • Black Adidas Tracksuit Top (5)
  • Beautiful hair For Beautiful People (95)

Total Cost: 458 Robux

7. Lil Nas X – Cool Roblox Avatar Boy

Cool Roblox Avatars - Dead Tedd

If you are a die-hard fan of Lil Nas X, this Roblox avatar costume is perfect for you.

Whether you’re a fan of Lil Nas X or a rap fan in general, this is the perfect Roblox avatar for you to have in your collection with the low price of 500 Robux.

Ideal for those looking for cool Roblox avatars for boys.

Total Cost: 500 Robux

8. Squad Ghouls: Drop Dead Tedd

Cool Roblox Avatars - KSI

Drop Dead Tedd is ironically one of the most handsome ghouls in Roblox and seems to be a fan favorite with 7 different animations.

This avatar has a certain character and style, and it is a good idea to add it to your avatar collection since it’s one of the free Roblox characters.

Total Cost: Free

9. KSI – Boy Cool Roblox Avatar

Cultist Roblox Avatar

This boy Roblox avatar is also for people that like to have a versatile collection of avatars.

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This chic, edgy, and stylish avatar can be yours in just 425 Robux.

Total Cost: 425 Robux

10. Cultist

Cool Roblox Avatars - Zombie

Just like the name suggests, the cultist Roblox avatar is everything that it promises to be.

Complete with a scary outfit and a terrifying red trumpet, the cultist is a cool Roblox avatar, especially for boys.

Avatar Requirements:

  • Red Paint (50)
  • Messy Red Hair (90)
  • Destructive Aura (50)
  • Mystic Horns (150)
  • Friendly Hands (150)
  • Ghostface (65)
  • Formal Black Pants (5)
  • Kawaii Knife (100)
  • Demonic (5)

Total Cost: 665 Robux

11. Zombie

Ten Million Robux Man Avatar

We all know the real game begins when the zombies come in.

Elevate your experience of the game by getting a cool Roblox avatar for yourself in just 550 Robux!

Total Cost: 550 Robux

Check out more Roblox avatar ideas and get some inspiration for your character.

12. Ten Million Robux Man

Boy Cool Roblox Avatars - Crook

If you are a boy that likes to make an impression on their friends with their impressive collection of cool Roblox avatars, the ten million Robux man is a must-have for you.

It is one of the most pricy avatars for 5000 Robux, coming out to be around $62.

Total Cost: 5000 Robux

13. The Crook

Gan O’ Fries - Roblox Avatar

As the name suggests, the Crook is one of the coolest Roblox avatars and is known as the gangster avatar with the striped suit and the matching hat.

Total Cost: 1000 Robux

14. Gang O’ Fries

Roblox Cool Avatars - Tenko

Are you tired of the same old humanistic avatars and are looking for something more original? Try Gang O’ Fries at the price of 250 Robux and add a unique avatar to your collection.

Total Cost: 250 Robux

15. Tenko, The Nine-Tailed Fox

Astral Isle Clan - Roblo Avatar

With amazing and powerful transformative powers, Tenko, the nine-tailed fox, has to be a steal at the small price of 250 Robux.

The great thing about Tenko is that he has magical powers that allow him to transform into a boy, a man, or a woman once the fox mask is placed over its head.

Total Cost: 250 Robux

16. Astral Isle Clan: Windsor The Blue

Cool Roblox Avatar - Sun Wukong

Want to bring a little bit of magic and excitement to your game? Buy the Astral Isle Clan: Windsor the Blue avatar right now at the price of 600 Robux.

Total Cost: 600 Robux

17. Sun Wukong – The Monkey King

Cool Avatars Roblox - Old Town

The amazing and detailed character design of The Monkey King makes it one of the coolest Roblox avatars that are in demand by the majority of the players.

Total Cost: 250 Robux

18. Old Town Road LNX – Lil Nas X

Roblox Avatar - Police Officer

Another great Lil Nas X-themed avatar for all rap lovers at the low price of 500 Robux.

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This time, he comes in a fancy hot pink cowboy attire that is bound to blow your mind.

Total Cost: 500 Robux

19. Police Officer Nash

Cool Roblox Avatars - Sheriff

There is no avatar cooler than that of a police officer, and this Police Officer Nash avatar has to be one of the most versatile ones out there.

Total Cost: 500 Robux

20. Sheriff Buffington

Roblox Cool Avatar - Pumpkin Reaper

Feel like pulling some authority over the common folks? Try the Sherriff Buffington avatar and enjoy the unlimited power that comes with the uniform.

Total Cost: 200 Robux

Discover what are all the Roblox avatar styles out there.

21. Pumpkin Reaper

Roblox Cool Avatar - Beekeeper

Feeling the holiday season a bit much this year?

Bring in this Pumpkin Reaper with this rustic, scarecrow pumpkin reaper that is bound to creep people out at the low price of 250 Robux.

Total Cost: 250 Robux

22. Beekeeper

Blue Collar Cat - Roblox Avatar

This cool but creepy-looking beekeeper avatar can have several uses like taking care of bees, being a villain or fitting into a wild theme.

Total Cost: 200 Robux

23. Blue Collar Cat

InsectZoids Moth General Roblox Avatar

A blue-collar cat avatar working a blue-collar job has to be the funniest Roblox avatar for you to use, especially during those Monday blues.

Total Cost: 350 Robux

24. InsectZoids – Moth General

Bounty Hunter D-17 Roblox Avatar

This mysterious and detailed moth general avatar has to be a part of your collection just because of how stunning its design is.

The Oni mask on this avatar is one of the best we’ve seen in Roblox so far.

Total Cost: 450 Robux

25. Bounty Hunter D-17

Lucky Gatito Roblox Avatar

This incredibly cool robot bounty hunter is one of the most sought-after avatars in the Roblox community with its rugged poncho, spur-on-the-boot, hip gun holster, and cowboy hat to complete the edgy look.

Total Cost: 800 Robux

26. Lucky Gatito

Roblox Avatar Horse Fcce Fallon

Have you ever encountered a dangerous-looking kitty? Well, Lucky Gatito is one of the cutest Roblox avatars and a must-have for all cat lovers.

The kitty has an amazing costume and gives off vintage dragon warrior energy.

Total Cost: 250 Robux

27. Horse Face & Fallon

Roblox Avatar Shop

Looking for a hilarious but functional Roblox avatar?

Look no further because Horse face and Fallon are winning races and taking names, and they can be all yours in just 400 Robux!

Total Cost: 400 Robux

How to Create your Roblox Avatar

Creating your own Roblox avatar is an extremely simple process.

Let us look at the process of creating your cool Roblox avatar step by step:

Step 1: Go to Roblox.com Avatar Shop

Choose Colors

Step 2: Think The Main Colors For Your Avatar

Select Clothes

Step 3: Select Clothes With Those Colors

It is important to give some unity to your avatar outfit.

That’s why you should maintain the colors you initially chose.

Select Face

Step 4: Select A Face

Select Extra Accesories

Step 5: Select Extra Accessories

Add a little more “spice” to your avatar by adding glasses, gloves, a hat, etc. Remember to keep the color unity.

Create & Use Cool Roblox Avatars

Playing any game is ten times more fun if the avatars can be customized according to our liking.

With this list of cool Roblox avatars, you can have some of the best avatars in your Roblox collection. You can even design your own from the Avatar shop!

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